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• Industrial and hazardous waste management
• Requirements for handling, storage, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures
• Separate waste collection and environmentally sound waste management.

WASTE CONSULT Ltd. conducts trainings for persons from different industries and organizations with interest and/or liabilities regarding environmental aspects and environmental impact of specific activities, including reporting obligations related to environmental management and protection in companies from different industries performing production, construction, transport and other activities.

We carry out both in-house training according to the specific needs of the client, on topics of particular interest to a company, and general, in groups of several people with a need for similar in nature knowledge of a particular environmental component.
We conduct training throughout the country. In this way, we strive to be as close to our clients as possible without the need for them to spend time travelling.

Our on-site trainings allow for direct contact with our experts so that participants can ask questions during the training, as well as get clarification on the spot on issues that concern them. Our group trainings are a prerequisite for the information and experience exchange between individual participants regarding the practical application of the regulations in their daily work.

Our online trainings are aimed at people who do not have the physical ability to attend a full-day training, as well as for people who wish to avoid wasting time travelling and save money. This type of distance training allows for individual allocation of the time that each trainee wishes to spend in the process of their training, and in certain training sessions this can be done over the course of days from any point where there is access to the Internet and the necessary device for this purpose.

The topics of our trainings are related to waste management and reporting, dangerous substances and mixtures requirements, water management, air quality, soil protection and others. Special attention will also be paid to the functionality and operation of the innovative online WASTE HELP platform for remote consultancy in the NISO system /National Waste Information System/.

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