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Waste Help is a modern platform with apps for Android and iOS. The platform is designed to provide a fully remote consultancy service within the NISO system /National Waste Information System/.

What are the advantages of our product:
– Easy and fast registration
– Contract conclusion with digital signature
– Easily send the necessary information
– Servicing sites throughout the country
– Full consultancy support from an expert team
Who is the platform intended for?:
– Human and veterinary health care units
– Other medical institutions / University Multi-profile Hospitals for Active Treatment, Multi-profile Hospitals for Active Treatment, Diagnostic & Consultative Centers, etc./
– Car service centers
– Manufacturing
The Waste Help platform provides the ability for our specialists to perform the following services remotely:
– Waste classification according to the requirements of Ordinance 2 on the classification of waste;
– Preparation and submission through the NISO system for approval of waste classification worksheets;
– Record keeping through the NISO system (preparation of monthly reports, completion of record books, etc.);
– Preparation and submission of annual waste reports through the NISO system;

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